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SCCM NetBIOS query

Most of my colleagues requests I get on the table are asking for creating a collection for "these computers". Then, mostly a list of NetBIOS names follows, either in csv or txt format. So you can imagine that I'm using NetBIOS query very often while creating a collection in SCCM. As I'm a lazy person and don't want to add required quotes at the beginning and at the end of each computer name, I wrote this simple script.

SCCM reboot clients with random time-seed

Here is the goal: reboot more than 5.000 machines using SCCM at a given time. That's pretty easy when talking about servers or desktops. But my target are virtual computers, running on few physical clusters. I cannot simply reboot all of them at the same time since that could cause performance issues on these clusters when the VM's will come back online. The solution is obvious - add some random seed to the restart command.

SCCM schedule token parser

System Center Configuration Manager still surprise me from time to time. Few days ago i need to create dump from SCCM database to get detailed information's about all collections and theirs settings. All properties like LastChangeTime, LastMemberChangeTime etc. are in readable time-format. But the most important property - schedule - is scrambled in 16-char string called SMS schedule token.

Náhrada Google Reader

Google na svém oficiálním Google Reader blogu uveřejnil informaci o ukončení poskytování služby Google Reader k 1. červenci 2013.

Co s tím?


Kindle 3

Amazon Kindle 3 netřeba představovat, internet je plný samých pochvalných článků a komentářů - tak snad jen něco poněkud střízlivějším pohledem čerstvého uživatele...